Microdermabrasion Facial       

Cleanse, Microdermabrasion, Extractions, Mask, Arm & Shoulder Massage, Serum, Moisturize, SPF

Anti-Acne Facial                        

Cleanse,Anti-Acne treatment, Extractions, Mask, Arm & Shoulder Massage, Serum,Moisturizer, SPF

Oxygen Facial                            

Cleanse, Microdermabrasion, Extractions, Mask, Arm & Shoulder Massage, Oxygen, Serum,Moisturize, SPF

Vitamin C Facial                        

Cleanse,Vitamin C Treatment, Extractions, Mask, Arm & Shoulder Massage Serum,Moisturizer, SPF


Cleanse,Microdermabrasion, Enzyme Treatment, Extractions, Mask, Arm & Shoulder MassageMoisturizer, SPF

Glycolic Peel                             

Cleanse,Glycolic Peel, Extractions, Mask, Arm & Shoulder Massage, Moisturizer, SPF

Micro-current Lift  or Gua Sha (Add on Bonus) 

Helps erase fine lines and wrinkles, while firming your skin. improves muscle tone, reduces puffiness, increases cellular activity, and tightens pores.


Facials Breakdown $250

-Takes up to 90mins

-Detailed Consultation

-Customized Treatment (Treatment will be picked from the menu above)

-Prescribed Treatment determined during consultation


Classic Set (Up to 2hrs)       $195 
Volume       (2.5 hrs)             $250
Fill               (1hr)                  $95
Fill               (1.5 hrs)            $125
Fill               (2hrs)                $150
Extension Removal              $40

Classic Set: Semi-permanent eyelash extensions are individual extensions made of a synthetic material to look like perfect natural eyelashes. Classic Lash extensions are our signature lash application where the attachment of 1 extension is applied to 1 natural eyelash. (Synthetic Mink Available upon request) 
Volume Set: A classic set is when only one extension is glued to each natural lash. It adds length and thickness and is great for people who already have a fair amount of lashes. Volume lashes are a newer and more innovative technique where multiple extensions are attached to one lash to give more dimension and texture.